Do you know the importance of the prostate gland?

In the last decade or so, there has been greater awareness of the prostate gland and its importance for male health and wellbeing. The prevalence of prostate cancer has driven publicity and made men take notice to improve their lifestyles and reduce the risks they face.

The prostate is a relatively small (“walnut sized”) gland located between the bladder and penis just in front of the rectum. The best way to access the gland is through the rectum with a finger or suitable device so it can be gently stimulated. The prostate plays a key role in the body’s endocrine system (hormone system) as well as producing prostatic fluid, one of the constituents of semen. Any swelling or enlargement of the prostate can impede passage of urine and this is one of the signs men notice when there is a problem.

The prostate must be used to stay healthy. Long periods without ejaculation, or poor ejaculation that does properly flush the gland, can be the cause of problems over time.  Working at a desk year after year, lack of exercise, a rich diet, a sexless marriage or sex where ejaculation occurs too quickly can all cause problems in the long run.

Historically, men have concentrated on the penis as the source of sexual pleasure without realising the role of the “invisible” parts.  Things are changing, and with greater education and awareness men are starting to explore the prostate and realising its power.

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