A Jabkasai Testicles Massage is an ancient genital therapeutic treatment practiced in Thailand and is linked directly to sexual and reproductive health benefits. We find Jabkasai also referred to as Japkasai, Jab Kasai, Jap Kasai, or Jab Karsai.

The treatment is done directly on and around the testicles. The penis, to be clear, isn’t necessarily touched, the therapist is fully dressed and only the customer will be fully or partially naked. The massage might cause sexual excitement, and even an ejaculation, which is accepted as part of the experience and a normal side-effect of the treatment.

The goal of a Jabkasai treatment is to stimulate the reproductive function and internal organs. It’s a Thai healing modality with a strong focus on resolving impotency, erection dysfunctions, frequent urination, premature ejaculation and fertility problems.

Additional benefits are believed to relieve lower back pains, poor blood circulation and problems with metabolism.

It’s not easy to find serious (non-sexual) therapeutic treatments, as most of the offerings on the web point clearly to the “happy ending” sphere. Hormones Spa is one of the few places in Bangkok practising these ancient massage techniques and we continually strive to learn and provide our clients with the upmost benefits.

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