I am Penny-Ying, the founder of Hormones Spa and lead massage therapist. I select and train all therapists in the techniques of jab kasai massage. All bring a wealth of experience to their work and their own unique style.

I work with both males and females, or couples, to provide a range of massage services focussing on sexual health and wellbeing. I am truly passionate about what i do and i’m always learning, both through my work with clients and through my own study. My services include:

  • Thai Jab kasai (testicles) massage
  • Penis massage
  • Abdomen massage
  • Prostate massage for men
  • Yoni massage for ladies

Using ancient techniques, i am able to clear blockages in the genitals system (both physical and energetic), drain the prostate, fix uterine prolapse and generate sexual energy in the body to maintain wellbeing.

I can provide massages on either an incall or outcall basis. Most of my clients become repeat customers and I recommend regular massage for serious issues such as prostate problems, urinating issues, erectile dysfunction. Others just want to experience the sensations of having their prostate gland massaged or prolonged edging sessions and that is also perfectly fine.

Working location: Bangkok
Tel 1: +66 (0) 82 629 7987
Tel 2: +66 (0) 83 629 7987
LINE ID: penny-ying

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